Excellent Flat UI toolkit

 This PSD file was created by Riki Tanone and released for free on Dribbble. It is a small file, but it contains a number of offbeat elements such as a video player and email inbox. Warmly recommended.

riki tantone freebie release psd kit flat gui


French Rock irreverence: the Parisians Itunes take-over

French rock band The Parisian and Tribal DDB urge fans to download fake itune covers with ironical messages, in order to create a Parisian take-over. Nice idea, but will the fans really do it? Maybe no, but the Parisians certainly get advertising.

Here is the Ad showcase video:

The magazine of the future

Flipboard is an amazing app, not only because it make RSS sexy, but because it invent a new form of press: the social media magazine.

Flipboard Pages are built on a lightweight JavaScript engine that lays out articles in a paginated format optimized for iPad. Through semantic analysis, the taxonomy of an article is broken down into essential components including headline, images, byline, captions, and pullquotes. The content is then reflowed into an HTML5 template for short- and long-form articles and image galleries, in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Read this blog  with Flipboard (just search for DesignBrother, and select the Facebook feed) and you will see how it really make the experience richer.