Excellent Flat UI toolkit

 This PSD file was created by Riki Tanone and released for free on Dribbble. It is a small file, but it contains a number of offbeat elements such as a video player and email inbox. Warmly recommended.

riki tantone freebie release psd kit flat gui


Apple new flat design: iOS 7 VS iOS 6



Touch screen design: the ideal button size

An MIT Touch Lab study of Human Fingertips to investigate the Mechanics of Tactile Sense found that the average width of the index finger is 1.6 to 2 cm (16 – 20 mm) for most adults. This converts to 45 – 57 pixels, which is wider than what most mobile guidelines suggest.

1. Designing for 34 / 44 pixels touch target (Windows Phone UI Design and Interaction Guide and iPhone Human Interface Guidelines)

Touch target 34 px

2. Designing for 57 pixels touch target (ergonomically correct)

Touch target finger 57px

3. Designing for 72 pixels touch target (Thumb correct)

Touch target 72px

Swedish built-it-yourself speakers


From the eco-friendly design house People People of Stockholm. Those speakers look really good. Not yet for sale, but post-prototype.

This speaker tries to answer all of the questions above.

Rechargeable WiFi antenna that plugs into any headphone socket.

Living room friendly.


The Apps of a Design Manager

1. Paper App

A really great notepad app from 53, the first pen tool is free, and if you want more you can buy the rest as bundle or separately (I bought the bundle). Makes it very easy to sketch ideas and explore UX concepts.

2. AppaFolio

Register to the site and upload your pictures, Appafolio will build an interactive Portfolio for you. Nice and free.

3. SketchBook Pro for Ipad

This app from Autodesk is not a toy, even if it is really cheap. It comes very handy with a pen and the touch screen bring a complete new dimension compared to sketching on Wacom+PC.

Race against each other using 4 Iphones and 2 ipads

PadRacer is a pretty cool demo of what the iOS can do. The iPad app is a race track that links up to four iPhones or iPod Touches. You can also link two iPads together to make one big map over WiFi or Bluetooth. Pretty cool stuff. The iPad app is $4.99 and with free controller app for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Ipad Apps running on Apple TV

iOS developers Steven Troughton-Smith and TheMudKip have hacked the 2nd generation Apple TV to run iOS apps at full resolution. They  have been using a custom Springboard (Home Screen) written by TheMudKip on a jailbroken Apple TV.

This reveals the potential of the Apple TV (which is a stripped Ipod-Touch) and what a iOS-powered TV set from Apple could do.