Your complete gesture guide

For designers and touch users, here comes a great Touch gesture guide, courtesy of interaction designer LukeW. Thanks  for sharing.
Download here

Touch Gesture Reference Guide



The Mixtape of the future

Remember the mixtape? I always had this dream of taking the tape to my ears and listening to the music without any Walkman player. Well, 20 years later, my dream came true.

PS: The mixtape components are made on a MakerBot Replicator 3D printer, and available on the Thingiverse network.

The MakerBot Replicator: your home 3D printer

The Replicator from the Company MakerBot is one the most affordable 3D printer on the market, and the first one I have seen targeting Hipsters instead of Tech Nerds. Will it take off, and become commodity, as paper printer did?MakerBot 3D printer

Read our older post about 3D printing: Thingiverse

How to define user experience with chickens, eggs, blob and pens

Sometime you have to explain User Experience / Interaction Design from different angles. Here is some useful inspiration.



Tools for creating responsive, cross-platform websites

Forget creating different versions of your site for each of your targeted device (PC, Mobile, Tablet, TV). This collection of tools gathered by Net magazine will help you to craft a true responsive-design site.

Responsive design tools