Ideas Apple bought, borrowed, and stole (infographic)


Apple innovation story distorsion field


The Holga Digital Concept

This concept by Saikat Biswas combines two things people love to hate: lomo and concept renders.The Holga D is a concept that takes the simple controls and form of the Holga, and adds a digital sensor. In order to simplify the idea, Biswas’ design removed many of the features and buttons associated with digital photography. There’s no rear LCD, no way to see your photos as you take them, and only a handful of shutter speeds and ISOs, controlled with small dials. In order to save battery, the only screen is a small e-ink display showing the current settings. Biswas also posited used old generation, full-frame or APS-C sensors to keep the cost down.


Apple revealed its Iphone and Ipad prototypes

At the Apple vs. Samsung trialIn the course of his testimony about Apple’s design process, Apple designer Christopher Stringer showed dozens of rejected iPhone and iPad designs. They give us yet another look at Apple’s design process and reveal a bit about how the company forms its design aesthetic. Some of the newly revealed phones do appear to have more in common with Sony’s design aesthetic than Apple’s, for example “Apple Proto 87” goes for a flat, black metallic look with all the major buttons and ports on the side of the device.

Apple Sony iPhone


The MakerBot Replicator: your home 3D printer

The Replicator from the Company MakerBot is one the most affordable 3D printer on the market, and the first one I have seen targeting Hipsters instead of Tech Nerds. Will it take off, and become commodity, as paper printer did?MakerBot 3D printer

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The beautiful hover cars of Beni Bischof

The swiss artist and designer Beni Bischof takes muscle cars and transform them to muscle hover cars.
Image credit: Beni Bischof

Image credit: Beni Bischof

Image credit: Beni Bischo

Image credit: Beni Bischof

Image credit: Beni Bischof

Image credit: Beni Bischof

Image credit: Beni Bischof

Ikea TV: the war for the living room has started!

IKEA is moving into Living room supremacy the same way they did with the kitchen: offering a smart and affordable system that really solve your problems (instead of creating new one). Watch out Apple!

BMW Gina Light: the concept car with a flexible polymer body

If you ever wonder where all of this new edge car design came from, here is the answer: a BMW concept car with a body of flexible polymer!

Chris Bangle gives us a first impression of the ideas behind the process of sculpturing an experimental study.