This Is Responsive: a great resource site about responsive design!

How Much Has The Web Really Changed?

Two years ago, responsive was the near future (I remember this time very well, because I had been asked to lead the early design direction of a very large global website in the consumer electronic industry). The whole team made the decision to go responsive, and honestly we never regret it. Today, responsive is the emerging standard of design principle. 

As a Design / UX manager it forces you to think in a new way (revise all you knew about screen layout and interaction model), and you learn a lot on Content and API framework.

Thanks to Brad Frost you don’t have to go the hard way. Check his excellent resource site, I wish I had it two years ago.

This Is Responsive, the excellent resource about responsive design by Brad Frost.


Facebook revisited in a new interface concept

Yes, Facebook could (and should) improve their interface. Fred Nerby from Brisbane, Australia, has done a great job in this conceptual showcase.


Tools for creating responsive, cross-platform websites

Forget creating different versions of your site for each of your targeted device (PC, Mobile, Tablet, TV). This collection of tools gathered by Net magazine will help you to craft a true responsive-design site.

Responsive design tools

Using Parallax Scrolling in webdesign, part 2

1. Cultural solution UK


2. Rascapé

3. Billy’s

4. Head to heart

5. Campaign Monitor


6. International Watch


7. Nike Better World


9. Sony Tablet

Sony Tablet

10. Lipton Ice Tea

Lipton Ice Tea

 And if you feel the call to action, don’t miss this great “behind the scene of Nike Better World” article at Smashing Magazine.

Using Parallax scrolling in webdesign. Part 1

Parallax scrolling in web design is a very nice design trend that I hope will stay for a while.
Here comes some great examples of what parallax scrolling add to the user experience:

And here are three useful tutorials for the handy men:

20 things I learned about the Internet (and HTML 5)

20 things Design Brother

If you still wonder what HTML 5 can do, here is a very cute book/website that demonstrate exactly this (yes, no flash). It features book metaphor, different navigation path, index page and the possibility to switch the background from white to black.

Will we see a lot of Tablet optimized book flowering up next year? That would be nice.

2012 trend nr 1: clever digital storytelling

What do an Android tablet, a doll and a thermostat have in common: clever digital storytelling using parallax and floating elements.

1. Sony Vaio Tablet S

Sony Vaio Tablet S website Design Brother

2. Inicons Steve jobs Doll

Inicons Steve Jobs Doll Design Brother

3. Nest Thermostat

Nest Design Brother