Kid’s of Today vs 1980’s Technology

An interesting video where kids are asked to use the 80s technology flagships (Tape recorder, home computer, arcade game). Make me feel like a dusty old wizard ūüėČ


If I were president ‚Äď I would build game buildings

If the president was a serious gamer he would build great buildings like those one:

(from the photographer Joseph Ford, for the french magazine Amusement)

1. The Nintendo DS Palace

2. The Playstation Tower

 3. The NeoGeo Plaza

Iphone games with unique gesture interfaces

Smarphones have more sensors than any of your consumer electronic devices. Those two games are using gestures and gyroscope as a part of the gameplay, creating an unique game experience that is then used as a differentiator in their marketing.

1. Infinity Blade

Infinity blade is a new Hack and Slash Iphone game, using gestures to control the characters swordplay.  It is amazing to see the quality of the 3D graphics (based on the Unreal 3 engine).

For a review of the games: TouchArcade reviews

2. Star Wars The Force unleashed

Star Wars Force Unleashed is a gesture based action game based around the Star Wars universe. The graphics included are very good and the gameplay is tons of fun.


Words of warcraft: the celebrity commercials

How to widen the audience of your online RPG when you already have 90% penetration in your primary segment (teenagers)? Get “cool” celebrity endorsement and win the dads. It’s that simple.

1. Chuck Norris




3. William Shatner


4. Mr T

Race against each other using 4 Iphones and 2 ipads

PadRacer is a pretty cool demo of what the iOS can do. The iPad app is a race track that links up to four iPhones or iPod Touches. You can also link two iPads together to make one big map over WiFi or Bluetooth. Pretty cool stuff. The iPad app is $4.99 and with free controller app for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Pac Man Skeleton (paleotologically correct)

Pac Man skeleton Design Brother

pac man skeleton design brother

Pac Man Skeleton Design Brother

The Pac-Man skeleton was created by Le Gentil Garcon with help from paleontologist Francois Escuilie in 2002. They created it by observing the human skull and different predatory animal skulls.

It is 35cm in diameter and made of plaster. The artist has several works, all equally odd, but interesting nonetheless.

Transform your Ipad/Iphone into an arcade machine

Iphone Joystick designbrother design brother

iCade Core РPictured on the top right, the iCade Core offers a stripped down version of the original iCade cabinet and supports the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

iCade Mobile РPictured top left, the iCade Mobile is a device that wraps around the iPhone or iPod Touch to give you more of a mobile handheld gaming experience. Again, using Bluetooth alone for the communication, it offers a swiveling landscape or portrait orientation.

Ipad joystick on design brother designbrother

iCade Jr. РPictured below, the iCade Jr. is a shrunk down version of the original iCade. This version is made specifically for the iPhone or iPod Touch and lets you prop up your device in this miniaturized arcade cabinet.