The world of Mad Men through a 21st century lens

These were done by the good folks over at Shutterstock.
Don Draper Client Presentations

Peggy Olson Word Processing

Joan Harris Meeting Minutes

Pete Campbell Networking

Betty Francis Stress Relief

Roger Sterling Office Refreshments




If Disney made Starwars (wonderful parody)

Now that Disney owns Star Wars, have you ever wondered what if Disney originally made Star Wars!?

A cynical dictionary to User Experience

This little dictionary is cynical, and hilarious, especially if you have been in user-centered design for a while. And it’s an excellent starter for discussing the place of UX in your organisation. Thanks Dean Schuster.

Debunking User Experience Handout (PDF)


Three iPhone skins that make Instagram even better

1. The Photoroid skin

Ryan Astle, a graphic designer / production artist living in New Brunswick in Canada, has created the “Photoroid” for iPhone – a retro cool skin inspired by the old Polaroid instant cameras. The Photoroid iPhone skin is available from the Infectious website for $14.99.

2. The Leica skin

This highly detailed plastic skin is making your Iphone look just like a Leica rangefinder camera. Available for 9 dollars at the petapixel store.

3. The Rolleiflex skin

Retro Camera Skin by John Zee, available for 9 dollars at