The evolution of 5 superbrand logotypes

1. GoogleBest Corporate Brand Logo Evolution

2. BMW

Best Corporate Brand Logo Evolution

3. Nike

Best Corporate Brand Logo Evolution

4. Apple

Best Corporate Brand Logo Evolution

5. Microsoft

Best Corporate Brand Logo Evolution


How much is a UX professional worth?

1. Clicktale UX salary survey (worldwide but US/UK biaised)

UX Salary Survey Cover Secrets of a Successful UX Career

Quick summary here
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2. US market salary calculator

Based on the 2011 salary survey from the Usability Professionals Association.

> Access the calculator here

A comprehensive infographic guide to UX careers

This is what I want to do when I grow up… wait… I am doing it.

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Insanely Simple: behind the scene of Apple marketing

Apple’s unique advertising strategies have contributed greatly to the growth of the company in recent years and the discussion is worth watching for anyone interested in Apple’s marketing.

Former Apple ad man Ken Segall, and author of the book Insanely Simple, was interviewed by Time editor-at-large Harry McCracken in a special presentation at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

Apple revealed its Iphone and Ipad prototypes

At the Apple vs. Samsung trialIn the course of his testimony about Apple’s design process, Apple designer Christopher Stringer showed dozens of rejected iPhone and iPad designs. They give us yet another look at Apple’s design process and reveal a bit about how the company forms its design aesthetic. Some of the newly revealed phones do appear to have more in common with Sony’s design aesthetic than Apple’s, for example “Apple Proto 87” goes for a flat, black metallic look with all the major buttons and ports on the side of the device.

Apple Sony iPhone