The evolution of 5 superbrand logotypes

1. GoogleBest Corporate Brand Logo Evolution

2. BMW

Best Corporate Brand Logo Evolution

3. Nike

Best Corporate Brand Logo Evolution

4. Apple

Best Corporate Brand Logo Evolution

5. Microsoft

Best Corporate Brand Logo Evolution


Social Media Storytelling (How-To)


Social Media Storytelling (How-To)

Insanely Simple: behind the scene of Apple marketing

Apple’s unique advertising strategies have contributed greatly to the growth of the company in recent years and the discussion is worth watching for anyone interested in Apple’s marketing.

Former Apple ad man Ken Segall, and author of the book Insanely Simple, was interviewed by Time editor-at-large Harry McCracken in a special presentation at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

The future of the Coca Cola Marketing

In these interesting videos Jonathan Mildenhall, Vice-President, Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence at The Coca-Cola Company explains how Coke will leverage the opportunities in the Post Digital landscape and transform one-way storytelling into dynamic storytelling hoping to add value and significance to people’s lives.

Generation Z: born digital

Well I was born analog, and turned digital. This report from consultancy firm, JWT intelligence covers the technology usage of the Generation Z (born 1995). Reading the report I just realized how similar and different they are from us (the guys designing their technology).

Three big taking from my perspective:

  • They considers their devices as important, beyond frequency of use.
  • They prefer socializing online than in real life.
  • They are constantly chatting, mostly online.

% who have done the following in the past few weeks with friends

% who would miss the following devices a lot if they were taken away

% who agree with each of the following

Click on the picture and fill the form for downloading the report.

Practical Digital Marketing Template

Our friends from Smart Insights have developed a useful template for planning digital marketing campaign. You can download it here.