9 ways to advertise a MINI Cooper

A MINI is high-tech, cute, fast and not too serious. The Ads should reflect these personality traits, and they do.

1. MINI Billboard (using surrounding palms)

MINI Billboard

2. MINI Yo-Yo (the cars goes up and down)

MINI Cooper Yo Yo

3. MINI driving on water (converted Jet-Ski)

MINI Drives on Water

4. MINI in a box (my favorite)

MINI Cooper in a Box

5. MINI Headlights Billboard

MINI Headlights Billboard

6. MINI Cooper Magazine Ad

Remove the Wrapper and open the roof.

MINI Cooper Magazine Ad

7. MINI Cooper Box Packaging

Found in Amsterdam, the boxes were left of, looking like someone just unwrapped a MINI.

MINI Cooper Box Packaging

8. MINI Cooper Vending Machine

MINI Cooper Vending Machine

9. MINI Cooper Train Station Ad

Revamped entrance to the Zurich station.

MINI Cooper Train Station Ad